Elementary School as weight loss solution

28 01 2010

Recess at Takada Elementary

While I was teaching elementary school in Japan with little effort on my part I dropped about 50lbs over 2 years. Was it the amazing fish and rice diet? No way! Japanese food is rife with delicious fatty fried things. Was it not having a car? That helped, but it wasn’t the big factor. No the greatest thing for losing weight was the children. I literally ran part of my ass off and budded collar bones due to dodge ball, tag, and dancing around a classroom in order to keep the attention of 28 fidgety 3rd graders.

There are a lot of reasons why I gained back most of that weight (cry more! sob) since returning to the US, but I think the biggest killer has been my desk job. I spend almost 8 hours a day crunching spreadsheets into bite sized bits. I’m looking forward to getting back into the classroom and working off excess energy and pounds. While I spend the next few months unemployed and working on my credentials my plan is to live like I was teaching. Running, jumping, playing, and all around active. Anybody have any mobile quick toddlers they want me to watch?

I’m going to get a Seinfield calendar for activity (exercise? why does that word seem more daunting and evil?). I’ll aim for at least 30 min a day spent living like the hyper elementary school teacher I used to be.