Chomp chomp!

19 02 2010

I’ve been bookmarking royal icing cookie decorating tips for weeks now, but I kept putting it off. I was nervous. I could never make such beautiful cookies as other people. Then I saw this alligator cutter at Fancy Flours and you better believe it was go time!

I used this sugar cookie recipe since I’m fond of almond. It rolled out easily between parchment paper and baked without much added expansion or puffiness. This cookie cutter is highly detailed, so the chopstick in the picture above was instrumental in getting the shape out in one piece.

I used Martha Stewart’s royal icing recipe and it worked like a dream. A few practice lines and I was all set. This was actually fun and not the intense pain I thought it would be!

After waiting an hour I used the flooding technique of adding a tiny amount of water to the icing to help fill in the outline. I used a #2 tip on the outline, but switched to a squeeze tube for the fill. The toothpick is definitely necessary not only to fill in corners, but to pop air bubbles and get the smoothest finish possible.

After another hour I added a few details in black and white. You can see on Kermit the Alligator that the the flood icing didn’t have enough water and ended up being bumpy, Stripey above him is a little better and finally the mix was right for Two-eyes.

I’m still far from matching the likes of the many gorgeous iced cookies out there, but I’m thrilled with initial results and excited to do this again!

Oh yeah and there were fish…




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