Things I don’t understand about guys #547

29 01 2010

My boyfriend and I were packing up his place last week. We had a limited amount of time and everything was still a mess. In the middle of all this he pulls out a gigantic box of tangled cables for tvs, game systems, computers, and who knows what! He would hand them to me after de-tangling to be carefully rolled and taped.

Me: Shouldn’t we just pack things and worry about cable organization later?

R: It’s better to be organized before moving! Oooo this is a nice cable! This is a $50 cable!

Me: You have cables for products that don’t even exist any more!

R: <talking to himself> Oh! I forgot I had this one!

The next day I’m joking around with my friends about R’s cable obsession when the guys chime in with their support.

“Oh yeah I have TWO boxes of miscellaneous cables at home.”

The guys are actually trying to out cable each other!

“Hmmm I’ll have to check our your boyfriend’s cables! Sounds like he has a nice collection!”

Yesterday a box from Amazon arrived and R grabbed at it excitedly. I’m not even kidding, it was a new cable.

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One response

29 03 2010

My friend and her bf recently moved, she ran into the problem, she labeled the box “random wires”, he did not appreciate this, next time she’ll have to label it “geek artifacts”.

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